Yearly Bloodwork

Routine blood work is an essential diagnostic tool that provides important information regarding your dog's health.  Yearly blood work allows us to understand what your dog's normal blood values are and to identify trends in their blood work from year to year.  

What does this blood work include?

Wellness screen:   It is suggested that dogs and cats 1-7 years of age have a yearly wellness screen.  Our wellness screen is comprised of three tests:  Complete Blood Count (CBC), minor chemistry panel and urinalysis.  A Heartworm test can be included with the bloodwork. 

Total Body Function (Superchem, CBC, T4 is included with a Wellness Plan).

Senior (Geriatric) Screen:  We recommend that all dogs and cats 6 years of age and older need a senior screen at least once yearly.  Our senior screen is comprised of three tests:  Complete Blood Count (CBC), FULL chemistry panel and urinalysis.  Early diagnosis of age related illnesses can give us a heads up and enable us to proactively treat your pet for a better quality of life as he ages.  The price depends upon tests required for your pet.  A written quote will be provided when requested.

Complete Blood Count (CBC):  A CBC is the measure of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.  This test helps us identify problems, such as infection, anemia, low platelet count and bone marrow disease.

Chemistry panel:  The minor chemistry panel provides information of kidney and liver values, protein levels, and blood sugar.  The major chemistry panel also includes those values, with additional information regarding liver values, electrolytes, calcium and phosphorus.

Urinalysis:  This test looks at urine concentration, which along with kidney values, helps fully assess your dog's kidney function.  We also look for signs of urinary tract infection and abnormal protein in the urine.