Feline De-Claw

Declaw: THE PRICES BELOW INCLUDE ALL required AND the optional services (see below prices for info):  Exam, De-claw, IV Catheter & Fluids, pre-anesthetic bloodwork,  (1) Buprenex Injection for surgery (1) Onsior Pain Injection and (2) Onsior Pain tablets for home use), Small bag of "Yesterday's News" Litter and (2) Cold Laser Therapy treatments.  Your pet must stay one night and sometimes two nights with us.


Front Paws Only:

04-10#:   $445.00

11-14#:   $470.00

15 # up:  $495.00 (not advised, except for owner/medical reasons) This must be discussed with Veterinarian prior to scheduling an appointment, therefore a prior exam will be required ($30.00).

All four claws(NOT ADVISED, except for owner/medical reasons) =$ 575.00.  This must be discussed with Veterinarian prior to scheduling an appointment, therefore a prior exam will be required ($30.00).

*Pre-anesthetic bloodwork: Highly suggested, but optional if cat is less than 6 yrs old.  Bloodwork is REQUIRED if feline is over 6 years old. (Deduct $60.00).

If spay or neuter is performed at the same time, the spay is an additional $65.00 and the neuter is an additional $40.00.

(These prices are valid as of 03/12/2018 but may be amended or changed when necessary) You will receive a quote, which will be noted on the schedule when you make an appointment.

(Pricing following description of declaw services)

The "old" way of performing de-claws is a thing of the past at Privileged Critters!  We have a "Cutting Edge" 15W Laser for surgery.  Laser surgery is the most humane method of declawing.  Not every clinic has laser capabilities and we are happy to be able to offer it to you.

  •  The CO2 laser beam seals nerve endings as it incises through tissue.  This ultimately reduces the amount of pain that an animal feels during and after surgery.
  • There is virtually no bleeding.  The laser beam cauterizes and seals blood vessels up to 1mm in diameter.  The laser energy facilitates homeostasis and provides the surgeon with a virtually bloodless surgical field.
  •  No bandaging is needed to control hemorrhaging and there is no long hospital stay.  Kittens or young cats under 10#,  generally stay for one night.
  • Reduced swelling & infection:  Physical contact between the laser and surgical region is never established, thus eliminating the crushing, tearing & bruising of tissue associated with traditional surgical methods.  Additionally, the CO2 laser energy acts as an antimicrobial/antibacterial agent producing high temperatures, effectively eliminating microorganisms.
  • Extreme Surgical Precision:  The CO2 laser produces a highly monochromatic, coherent beam of light that is accurately delivered to a point of focus.  The accuracy of this focused beam of energy allows for the vaporization of cells while causing minimal damage to the healthy adjacent tissue.
  • Quicker Recovery:  The combination of the above attributes results in the benefit  of a quicker return to home and normal activities for your pet.  Patients are up and walking within hours of the procedure.

We suggest declawing kittens when they are spayed or neutered.  We require that they weigh at least 4 pounds and this is generally by 5 months, prior to females going into heat or the male becoming sexually active.  At this age, recovery time is also extremely quick.  Cats older than six years must have a physical exam prior to setting up a surgery date to insure they are a good candidate for the surgery.

DAY 1: The cat needs to be dropped off between 8:30 and 9:00 A.M. on an empty stomach (no food after midnight), small amounts of water is OK. At this time, pre anesthetic blood testing* is done.   Antibiotics and an injection for pain is administered.  The nail is removed with our "Cutting Edge", CL015 15 W laser, which cauterizes the vessels. The cat is usually up and walking within an hour post surgery. 

We require that every declawed feline receive Therapeutic Cold Laser Therapy treatments with our "Cutting Edge" Multiwave Locked System (MLS).  The clinical effectiveness of the MLS impulse provides more efficient biostimulatory results, with less energy, in considerably reduced times with respect to traditional laser therapy. Some, but not all benefits are:

  • Anti-Inflammatory, decreases inflamation 
  • Analgesic:  blocks pain transmitted by nerve cells to the brain which decreases nerve sensitivity.
  • Accelerated Tissue Repair & Cell Growth.  Damaged cells are repaired faster.
  • Improved Vascular Activity.  Speeds up healing process
  • Increases Metabolic Activity
  • Faster wound healing:  Effective post surgically.

DAY 2:  A second Therapeutic Cold Laser Therapy Session will be given on Day 2.  We will usually discharge your pet on this day, but if your cat needs to stay an additional day -- there is no charge. Large cats (over 10#) generally stay with us two nights.  "Yesterday's News", a recycled paper product should be used for two weeks.  We will send a "starter kit" with you to use as litter.  Shredded paper can also be used, but is more messy.

Cats only use the front feet to scratch furniture, so it is advisable to declaw only the front feet. This allows the cat to use its rear nails for scratching itself or in the event the cat escapes from your house, he can still climb a tree to escape predators. Rear feet will be declawed only upon request and only for personal medical reasons.  You will be required to sign a release which advises that declawing all four claws is not in the best interest of the cat.