Since 2008 when we first opened, we have always offered a FREE exam for one pet for NEW CLIENTS.

This free offer must be mentioned when the appointment is made because we only allow ONE free exam per day!  The appointment will be $40.00 if you do sign up as a new client.  If your pet is sick and a free appointment is not available, this offer will not work for you because we book these out a minimum of a week in advance.

This service helps our community, and it also gives the new client a chance to come see our place, meet our personnel and the Veterinarian prior to deciding to take advantage of our services.  The only charges you would incur would be if your pet needs medication or products.

If you miss your appointment without a 24 hour notice, then you will lose the qualification for getting the free exam.  Leaving a recorded telephone message is NOT acceptable and is not proof of cancellation.  When you cancel, you will be given a cancellation number as proof that you cancelled.  Please write it down.