Health Certificate

Privileged Critters Animal Hospital

Requirements to obtain an Official Health Certificate

It is SUGGESTED that you for the pre-Health Certificate fecal a week before you want an appointment which will save you money if your pets fail the exam during your Health Certificate check appointment. The charge is only $15.00 for the litter and can be done with mixed fecal material from all puppies/kittens.  If the fecals are positive for parasites, we require a brief exam prior to dispensing any worming medication ($15.00 each pet). It is SUGGESTED that you worm puppies/kittens at 2-4-6 weeks of age.

Health Certificates cost $65.00.  EACH puppy/Kitten will get a full Veterinarian exam, a fecal check, de-worming, nail trim (if needed)  Bordetella & DHPP (dogs) Vaccine or FVRCP (cats) and the written Health Certificate. *see below for additional charges when required.

 By law, a Puppy/Kitten must be 8 weeks old at the time the Health Certificate is written.

  • By law, an FIvFelv Test is required for cats to receive a health certificate.  The charge for this test is an additional $36.00.
  • By law, a heartworm test is required if you are selling a dog that is over 6-months old.  The charge for this test is an additional $24.00.
  • Any abnormalities, deformities or hereditary conditions will be noted on the Health Certificate.
  • A non-refundable deposit of ½ of the total will be due when reserving an appointment.  This deposit is forfeited if you are a no call/no show.  If you cancel a minimum of 24 hours in advance, you will receive a cancellation number and the deposit will go toward your next visit.  You must speak to a person as leaving a message is not a valid cancellation.  If you get a recorder, we will call you back! 
  •  Full payment for Health Certificates is due on your first visit.

THIS is how having a fecal a week BEFORE your Health Certificate could save you TIME and money!

  • Please bring your pet in free of fleas and flea dirt and wormed at least one week prior to your appointment. If your puppy/kitten fails the Health Certificate because of parasites, you will not receive a Health Certificate that day.
  • If positive for parasites, you will be required to treat the puppy/kitten for worms and get another fecal after treatment ($15.00/litter). No health cert will be issued until the puppy/kitten has a clear fecal.
  • You will not be required to pay for an exam if a clear fecal is gotten within one week of the original exam and the HC will be issued.
  • If you do not return within a week of the first exam, a “Re-check” exam will be required at the cost of $20 for each pup/kitten. 
              If your puppy/kitten is not sold within 30 days of receipt of a Health Certificate, the Health Certificate is invalid and                       

                      additional vaccine boosters are required. A Health Certificate re-certification is $45.00                        

(includes all listed services plus an second DHPP (dogs) or FVRCP (cat) vaccine. 

Also, your puppy/kitten will need a Rabies Vaccination because your pet will be over 3-months old. This will be provided for an additional cost of $15. There is no exception to this unless, at the Veterinarian’s discretion, it is not in the best interest of your puppy. 

If you have any questions, please ask the front desk receptionists.  We are here to serve you!  Prices valid as of 12/10/2019.