Health Certificate

Privileged Critters Animal Hospital

Requirements to obtain an Official Health Certificate

1. A fecal check must be performed within a week of the date the Health Certificate is needed. You may do a communal fecal from all puppies. The charge is $15.00. You may pick up an over-the-counter wormer a week prior to this fecal check at no charge if puppy is under 5#.

  • If the fecal is negative, a Health Certificate appointment can be made.
  • If your puppy is positive for parasites, there will be a charge for the wormer, depending upon the weight of the puppy. If medication other than an over-the-counter wormer is needed, an exam for each puppy will be required before medication can be prescribed.
  • EACH infected puppy that needs medication, other than the over-the-counter wormer, will be required to have a “mini” exam. EACH puppy exam will be $15.00.

2. Health Certificates are $40.00 for each puppy, and includes the following:

  • Health exam
  • Fecal Float
  • Wormer (whether positive or negative)
  • DHPP Vaccine
  • Bordetella Vaccine
  • Completed Health Certificate

3. If your puppy is infested with fleas or parasites or does not pass the Health Certificate for any reason, there will be a $20.00 re-check fee for a second exam. If the condition is cured, the Certificate will be provided to client.

4. If your puppy is not sold within 30 days of receipt of a Health Certificate, the Health Certificate is invalid and additional vaccine boosters are required. A Health Certificate re-certification is $40.00 and additional required vaccines are included EXCEPT Rabies Vaccination which is required because your will be over 3-months old. This will be provided for an additional cost of $15. There is no exception to this unless, at the Veterinarian’s discretion, it is not in the best interest of your puppy.

5. If your puppy is over 6 months of age, a Heartworm Test is required by the State of Florida

6. Any abnormalities, deformities or hereditary conditions will be noted on the Health Certificate.

If you have any questions, please ask the front desk receptionists.  We are here to serve you!