Every year, 10,000,000 (TEN MILLION) pets are lost or stolen. Many pets, especially cats do not wear a collar. Of course, if your pet is stolen, the collar can be taken off but if you have a microchip, you can prove a pet is yours! We carry the "Home Again" chip.  Home Again has re-united over 600,000 pets with their owners!

    Our charge is only $40.00 (No exam or office fee is charged). Implanting a chip takes only a few minutes and is safe. It is about the size of a grain of rice. You can chip your pet anytime or wait until you get him/her neutered. The best plan is to purchase the "Microchip" Puppy Plan and pay for it in installments because it is discounted to $30.00 with a puppy plan! It is very easy to do and no more painful than receiving a vaccination! Please note:  You will receive the chip on your last puppy plan visit.  We will also give the SAME discount if you get an annual for your dog!

    It is amazing how many pets have a microchip that was never registered!  Therefore, WE will register your pet FOR you online to the national pet recovery database. Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and animal control offices across the country are equipped with special electronic scanners that can detect the microchip and read the identification number. If a lost pet is picked up by animal control or found by a good Samaritan and presented to a veterinarian, a quick scan of the microchip reveals the identification number.

    If your pet has his tag on, the person does not even need to leave their home to find you as the number can be looked up online. If no internet is available, the person who finds your pet (or animal control) only has to call the 800 number on the tag to get your information. The pet does not have to be scanned in a Veterinarians office.  

    Dog and cat micro-chipping is a simple procedure. A veterinarian simply injects a microchip for pets, about the size of a grain of rice (12mm), beneath the surface of your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to a routine shot, takes only a few seconds, and your pet will not react any more than he would to a vaccination. No anesthetic is required.

    A HomeAgain microchip is permanent pet ID. The microchip itself has no internal energy source, so it will last the life of your pet. It is read by passing a microchip scanner over the pet's shoulder blades. The scanner emits a low radio frequency that provides the power necessary to transmit the microchips unique cat or dog ID code and positively identify the pet.

    HomeAgain is the only dog & cat micro-chipping product on the market today that has the patented anti-migration feature to help ensure that the microchip will stay in place so that it may be easily located and scanned. If your pet gets lost and is taken to an animal shelter or veterinarian, they will scan the microchip to read its unique dog or cat ID code. This is the number used by HomeAgain to identify the pet and retrieve your contact information, which is used to contact you and reunite you with your pet.

    To see us for an appointment at 863-816-5815 and we will be happy to help you and ... who knows? Perhaps save YOUR precious "privileged critters" life some day!