Miscellaneous Individual Costs

Although highly recommended for the health of your pet, you are not required to do a full annual for your pet if it is not financially feasible for you at the time.  Following is a price list for individual items.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us!

Rabies (1 year):   $15.00 (required)

Rabies (3 year):  $28.00 - must have proof of rabies within 13 months of the last rabies vaccination. (HIGHLY recommended in order to reduce vaccines).  

DHPP :  $19.00 

The DHPP vaccine is one of the first vaccines that most dogs get when they are puppies, although adult dogs can get the vaccine as well.

DHPP is a combination vaccine that helps prevent four different viruses in dogs: canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. The DHPP vaccine is actually a series of vaccines that will be administered to your puppy three times while they are between six and 16 weeks old. After a year, they will be given another combination vaccine booster, and then additional shots every three years throughout their lives.  See our PUPPY PLAN pricing for puppies 6-8 weeks.

DHLPP:  $19.00 

DHLPP vaccine protects against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus. Each of these diseases can cause illness, possibly death and are highly contagious. This vaccine requires a booster.  Two DHLPP vaccines are included with the PUPPY PLAN

Heartworm Test:  $24.00

Fecal Check (Dogs or Cats):  $15.00       Pre-Health Certificate Fecal Check:  $15.00

Parvo Test:  $34.00

FVRCP (Cats):  $17.00

Leukemia (Cats):  $19.00

FIV/FeLV Test:  $35.00 . 

"FIV” stands for “feline immunodeficiency virus” just as “HIV” stands for “human immunodeficiency virus.” In fact, these two viruses are closely related and much of the general information that has become common knowledge for HIV also holds true for FIV. FIV is a virus that causes AIDS in cats; however, there is a long asymptomatic period before AIDS occurs and our job is to prolong this asymptomatic period.

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a virus that infects only cats. ... There is no treatment to eliminate the FeLV virus from the body, and the disease is ultimately fatal. Therefore, preventing infection with FeLV through vaccination is highly recommended.

Exam (Well Pet):  $35.00. We require a well-pet exam once a year in order to continue a "patient/doctor" relationship.  This exam allows you to purchase flea prevention as well as prescribed medications throughout the year at the Veterinarian's discretion. Some medications may require an exam and/or bloodwork.  An exam is REQUIRED any time a pet receives a Rabies Vaccination.  For other vaccines, an exam may be waived if the current exam is within 6 months and the pet is healthy.There is NO biohazard fee if you are paying for an exam at the time you are receiving vaccines for your pet.  If you are getting a vaccination between exams, the bio-hazzard fee is $3.50.

Exam (problem based):  $40.00 If you come in for a wellness exam, and your pet has a skin condition or is sick in any way, the cost of a problem-based exam is $40.00.

Exam (Re-check within one month for the same problem):  $25.00

Health Certificates for Puppies for sale: 8 weeks of age or older:  $65.00 EACH puppy will get a full exam, a fecal check for intestinal parasites, de-worming (even if negative), a DHPP and a Bordetella Vaccine.  It is highly recommended that you bring your puppy in for a fecal check a week prior to an exam.  A health certificate will not be provided if the pet is positive for parasites. We charge $15.00 for a fecal check and $15.00 check if the fecal test is positive and a wormer is needed. Bring the pup in free of fleas and flea dirt. 

Health Certificate for Kittens for sale:  The cost is $65.00 but the vaccine is the FVRCP and a FIVfelv Test is required for an additional $35.00.  Parasite recommendations and requirements are the same as for puppies.

Exam (Re-check for failed Health Certificate) puppy or kitten: $25.00