Miscellaneous Individual Costs

Although highly recommended for the health of your pet, you are not required to do a full annual for your pet if it is not financially feasible for you at the time.  Following is a price list for individual items.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us!

Rabies (1 year):   $15.00 (required)

Rabies (3 year):  $30.00 - must have proof of rabies within 13 months of the last rabies vaccination. (HIGHLY recommended in order to reduce vaccines).  

DHPP :  $19.00 (optional, but HIGHLY recommended - for puppies who need a total of 4 vaccines).

DHLPP:  $14.00 (requires a booster if first time they have received the Lepto portion of this vaccine).  (Optional, but HIGHLY recommended).

Heartworm Test:  $24.00

Fecal Check (Dogs or Cats):  $15.00       Pre Health Certificate Fecal Check:  $10.00

Parvo Test:  $32.00

FVRCP (Cats):  $17.00

Leukemia (Cats):  $19.00

FIV/FELV Testiing:  $35.00 .  This test is not required, but if your cat is positive, and you give a Leukemia vaccine, you would be wasting your money, because it would do not good, therefore it is highly recommended.  

Exam (Well Pet):  $30.00 (one exam required per year)*

Exam (problem based):  $35.00

Exam (Re-check):  $25.00

*We require an exam  once a year in order to continue a "patient/doctor" relationship.  This exam allows you to purchase flea prevention  as well as prescribed medications (at the Veterinarian's discretion, determined by the type of medications).

**We do not charge for an exam for vaccines if you have had a previous exam within a year and your pet is in good health.  

There is a $3.00 biohazard fee if you get one or more vaccines.  NO biohazard fee if you are paying for an exam at the same time.