We usually have rebate coupons available for our clients.  See * below for important information!!  Rebates and free product offers generally bring our prices to less than you can purchase them for "online".   Rebates and free product are limited and may not be available when you purchase. A current exam and heartworm test is required to purchase Heartworm prevention of any kind.

Advantage Multi:  Get a 1/2 priced Heartworm test ($12.00)  when you either Buy 6 get  2 Free or Buy 12 and get 4 FREE!!

Comfortis (FLEAS only):  Buy 3 get 1 FREE   ...    Buy 6 get 2 FREE and a $10.00 mail in rebate

Interceptor Plus:  Buy 6 get an $8.00 mail in rebate.  Get a 1/2 priced Heartworm Test ($12.00) when you buy 12 get a $25.00 mail in rebate.

Trifexis:   Get a 1/2 price Heartworm Test with a 6 or 12 month purchase.   We also have a $10 mail-in  rebate on a  6 month purchase and $50 mail-in rebate on a 12 months purchase.

* Elanco, the manufacturer of Comfortis and Trifexis do NOT sell to on-line pharmacies such as Pet Meds, Pet Rx, etc.  If you call Elanco, they will advise you that they have NO idea where the online company gets their product because they are not an authorized provider.   Elanco will NOT guarantee either product unless it is purchased from an authorized Veterinary office.  The product could very well be counterfeit from China.

** We charge a $10.00 Prescription Fee if we carry a specific product but you request a written prescription.

***Rebates and free product are subject to availability.  This is a standard offering through Privileged Critters as long as the supply lasts.  Not ALL clinics offer free product specials.