We usually have rebate coupons available for our clients.  See * below for important information!!  Rebates and free product offers many times

 bring our prices to less than you can purchase them for "online".   Rebates and free product are limited and may not be available when you purchase. 

A current exam (within one year with our Veterinarian) and heartworm test is required to purchase Heartworm prevention of any kind.  

We also have an online store (Vetsource).  This is a safe, authorized Veterinary source. 

Please be aware that there are many instances of counterfeit product being sold & purchased from unauthorized distributors.  

                                                  We have Rebates available for MOST heartworm & flea prevention products.

** If we carry any product and you request a written prescription, we charge a $10.00 Prescription/Medical Records Administration Fee. 

                                                   There is NO Prescription fee if you purchase from our online store (

                                                               ***Rebates and free product are subject to availability.