Spay & Neuter Pricing

We will offer you an estimate for your dogs spay or neuter when you come in for an exam.  Because it can vary due to the dogs weight, size, physical issues or conditions, the receptionist will not give an estimate.  Below is a "general" pricing list by weight for a spay/neuter..  

We require an IV Catheter ($15.00)  for safety.  It allows quick access to a vein, if needed,  for fluids or emergency medications during surgery.  

We require pain medications to be taken home after surgery for a spay (neuter upon doctor recommendation). Your pet will feel better and heal more quickly!  An injectable antibiotic  and pain medication is given prior to surgery.  

Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork is highly suggested for all surgeries and REQUIRED if your pet is 6 years and older.

OPTIONAL:  Cold Laser Therapy.  Reduces swelling, pain, inflammation, promotes faster healing.  (additional charges will apply).

If your pet is in heat or pregnant, additional charges may apply.

DOG SPAY:  Following are the weight classes and pricing for a spay.

02 - 25#          $ 85.00

26-50#             125.00

51-75#            145.00

76-100#          195.00

101-150#        250.00

DOG NEUTER:  Following are the weight classes and pricing for a neuter. 

02-25#         $ 70.00

26-50#          100.00

51-75#          115.00

76-100#       125.00

101-150#     150.00 * Larger by quote


Female:  $ 80.00

Male:       $50.00