Spay & Neuter Pricing

Dogs are spayed and neutered by weight.  

We require an IV Catheter ($15.00)  for safety.  It allows quick access to a vein, if needed,  for fluids or emergency medications during surgery.  

We require pain medications to be taken home after surgery. Your pet will feel better and heal more quickly!  For cats, this is generally $24.00.   For a dog, this price is  generally $10-15.00.  An injectable antibiotic  and pain medication is given prior to surgery.  

Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork is highly suggested for all surgeries and REQUIRED if your pet is 6 years and older ($60.00)

If your pet is in heat or pregnant, additional charges may apply.  Generally this is between $25-50.00 and depends upon how far along they are in the pregnancy (and size if a canine).

DOG SPAY:  Following are the weight classes and pricing for a spay.

02 - 25#          $ 85.00

26-50#             125.00

51-75#            145.00

76-100#          195.00

101-150#        250.00

DOG NEUTER:  Following are the weight classes and pricing for a neuter.

02-25#          $ 70.00

26-50#          100.00

51-75#          145.00

76-100#       195.00

101-150#     250.00


Female:  $65.00

Male:       $40.00