Spay & Neuter Pricing

Dogs are spayed and neutered by weight.  

We require an IV Catheter ($15.00)  for safety.  It allows quick access to a vein, if needed,  for fluids or emergency medications during surgery.  

We require pain medications to be taken home after surgery for a spay (neuter upon doctor recommendation). Your pet will feel better and heal more quickly!  For cats, this is generally $24.00.   For a dog, this price is  generally $10-15.00.  An injectable antibiotic  and pain medication is given prior to surgery.  

Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork is highly suggested for all surgeries and REQUIRED if your pet is 6 years and older ($60.00).

OPTIONAL:  Cold Laser Therapy.  Reduces swelling, pain, inflammation, promotes faster healing.  (additional charges will apply).

If your pet is in heat or pregnant, additional charges may apply.  Generally this is between $25-50.00 and depends upon how far along they are in the pregnancy (and size if a canine).

DOG SPAY:  Following are the weight classes and pricing for a spay.

02 - 25#          $ 85.00

26-50#             125.00

51-75#            145.00

76-100#          195.00

101-150#        250.00

DOG NEUTER:  Following are the weight classes and pricing for a neuter. 

02-25#         $ 70.00

26-50#          100.00

51-75#          115.00

76-100#       125.00

101-150#     150.00 * Larger by quote


Female:  $ 80.00

Male:       $50.00