About Us


Privileged Critters Animal Hospital, Inc. is proud to serve the Lakeland , Florida area.  Dr. Brooke Dowling began working in July and she is "just the right fit" for our clinic! 

Our team is committed to educating our clients in how to keep their pets healthy year round, with good nutrition and exercise.  Privileged Critters Animal Hospital, Inc. stays on top of the latest advances in veterinarian technology and above all, we remember that all animals and pets need to be treated with loving care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery.  Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and experienced.  All the staff are animal lovers and pet owners who know how it feels to be on the other side of the fence because we have all been there!  We are a "Fear Free" clinic, with staff who has been through the Fear Free program and are certified.  A muzzle will only be used as a last resort for the safety of our staff.  We use friendliness, non-aggressive tactics and treats to work with your pet.  

We have state-of-the art digital x-ray, our own "in-house" blood machines for quick results in emergency situations, Sound Eklin Digital X-ray, Laser Surgery for minor procedures such as wart and lump removals, Cold Laser Therapy, an "in-house" laboratory, and a complete in-house pharmacy.  In January, we will be adding Dental X-ray to our clinic!  

Our central location makes us easy to find and convenient for either side of town and neighboring cities as well.  Our prices are generally the best in town for a FULL-service Veterinary clinic.

We are so sure you will like us and return, we offer the first exam FREE!   We limit the number of these available to one per day, therefore and you MUST ask for it when you make your appointment.  If you schedule and miss it with a "no-call, no show", you will not be able to claim the free exam. There is  no minimum purchases and no obligation!  How good is that?  We feel that you will LOVE us and come back to see us, bringing your friends and family with you!