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My boyfriend and I have taken our golden retriever, Molly, here twice. Both times we have enjoyed our experience. During our first visit, we had a free exam and the vet did a good job with the annual visit. Our second visit was on this past Friday. We called to make an appointment that same day and they had an open time slot. We brought Molly in for red/bloodshot eyes. The vet, Dr. Dowling, was very friendly, down to earth, knowledgeable, and professional. I had several other questions about my dog's health and she was more than happy to thoroughly answer each question. It really put my mind at ease to know I have been doing all the right things with my dog and I gained more information about what else I could be doing. I trusted the care that my dog received and would happily return with all 3 of my dogs! It is so hard to find a good vet that you trust with your fur babies. I'm so happy that we finally found a great place!

Also, the first time we visited they were taking a discount card that took 25% off. During the second visit, we found out that they were no longer taking it, but still honored it since we didn't know. That was so nice of them to do since they didn't really have to! Thank you guys so much!

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I have been taking my pets (both dogs and cats) to Privileged Critters Animal Hospital for the last four years. I have always received exceptional and friendly service. The prices are reasonable and I am usually able to schedule a convenient time for appointments. Privileged Critters understands that many people are on a budget and they don't push more expensive medications on their clients (I had run into this issue at another vet before I discovered Privileged Critters). The building is clean and well maintained. I trust Privileged Critters.

Thank you so much (Angela) for being there to help out at the end of the day. Bailey and Chloe are very lucky even if they don't realize it right now. As always you guys are there to 'save the day' with my babies. (Bailey chilling out with the calm before the storm)

October 4, 2016 ·

Shoutout to Privileged Critters for being awesome people who are in it because they truly love animals! They do great work in helping hurt and sick animals because they care. Kudos for all of the love and attention they have given to the beautiful pooches that are rescued by Zelda's K9 Rescue, and all of the other beautiful creatures they bring the gift of health to. If I still had a pet, I would definitely use them!

Tanja Steinbach reviewed Privileged Critters Animal Hospital, Inc. — 5 star

June 8, 2016 ·

I had a wonderful experience today. You guys will be my vet from now on.

Marlayna Dezavodow reviewed Privileged Critters Animal Hospital, Inc. — 5 star

February 15, 2016 ·

We LOVE Privileged Critters!!! We've lived all over Florida & we've been to several different Vets in Lakeland...our toy poodle is 13 years old & has received the BEST, most honest & affordable care from Dr. Rachel & her team. Our dog was completely blind last summer, sad & depressed. Dr. Rachel was the first and only doctor to ever address her cataracts. Our dog has recently had eye surgery & can see again. She has a whole new outlook on life! Thank you Privileged Critters!!!

Keri O'Donnell reviewed Privileged Critters Animal Hospital, Inc. — 5 star

February 20, 2016 ·

I love PC. They saved my dear Exley's life. They were able to give us his age and they helped us nurse him to health. Now we are preparing to make his neuter appointment. We are so happy he survived everything that was meant to kill him. Thank you♥

(Yelp Review)   January 12, 2016   Varrick, N.

Nice veterinary clinic, clean. Staff are friendly and kind. We've been bringing our three spaniels for a couple of years and we love how the dogs are cared for.

October 13, 2015    Facebook from Zelda's Rescue

Baby Noah has his vet visit tomorrow but we made a quick stop at Privileged Critters Animal Hospital, Inc. because he had some bruising from his neuter that was done while he was at Animal Control. Thankfully they were able to squeeze us in to take a quick peek at his incision and they gave us some pain meds for him so he'll be able to rest comfortably tonight. We'll post more updates tomorrow after he has his full vet visit.

October 5, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                              My husband Alan Elliott and I would like to say thank you to all the staff on Saturday 10/3/15. Our babies Hoss and Rosco were old and sick and had to go to heaven. It was the hardest decision we had to make but we also could no longer be selfish and allow them to suffer any longer. Everyone there was so understanding and helped us through the process that morning. We know our babies have their wings and are running together again without any pain. We are hurting in our hearts and grieving for them. We loved them so much and we are glad we were able to be with them as they went off to get their wings. They are truly our angels. Thank you all for everything. Alan & Donna Elliott

6/2/2015   (YELP review)    

Privileged Critters is an excellent animal hospital! I have been a customer for years and their staff, owner, and veterinarian's are the best!!! Not only professional, friendly, well educated.....they have a quality you cannot teach. It is called, CARING!! I have never seen the facility dirty! Very clean, wonderful, caring, and loving staff. My Four legged animal's are not just pet's...they are part of our family, and every member of Privileged Critter's staff treats them as if they are part of theirs. They are thorough in examining and caring for my baby's, and have been for years. They go out of their way to accommodate me in every way. I know they will get my baby's in for an appointment immediately in case of an emergency. They have even made themselves available to me after hours. Stayed on the phone with me after hours, and told me exactly what to do when one of my dog's had a calcium deficiency. Thank God for that day or my baby might not be here, Privileged Critters saved her life without charging me. Their rates are very reasonable. I do not trust my furry baby's with anyone else. I give them five stars. Our animal's get the best of everything. I do not trust them with just any vet. Privileged Critter's and every member of their staff has 110% of my trust....more importantly; my four legged baby's love and trust them.

Debby K.

Valrico, Fl.

August 2015

"Love this place! The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgable. I called for an appointment and got in the next day. Did a revisit two days later and will be going back again in a few weeks for another revisit. They informed me of the prices as we were going along, and didn't pressure me to do more than I could afford. And the best part, I haven't seen even one animal that looks unhappy to be there. Even my shy cat loves on the vet and assistants like they're part of the family. So happy I found you !!" 

Bree Dannielle

"My husband and I, along with my mom and one of our neighbors would not consider going anywhere else. I recommend this establishment to anyone who will listen to me. They are not only wonderful at what they do, but they are also kind, and caring people. We LOVE our friends at Privileged Critters!"

Sherri Beverly Mahar

"My 4 legged family has been going to Privileged Critters since 2009. I had quite an aggressive French bulldog who didn't like his nails cut . This facility handled my boy with care and never turned him away although 4 other vets in the area said they couldn't handle him. I now have 2 Frenchies who go there and they are greeted by name at the door and are treated like family there. All the staff are phenomenal and I trust them with my precious bulldogs. I highly recommend Privileged Critters for your pets needs!!!"

Rachel Hicks Ploof:

"Dr. Rachel is the best vet. She has helped us so much and is always gentle and compassionate with the fur babies. I highly recommend!"

Kim Boucher

"Just went here today for our dog Jackson's annual... I had the crazy idea of not only taking my two boys (3 yr old and 9 month old) but during nap time too!!!! Everyone in the office was so nice and helpful! Jackson (our dog) was talked to while they did the exam, blood work, EVERYTHING. Because they were relaxed he was a happy camper. I also saw them interact with others that came in with their dogs not feeling well and they showed honest concern. I've been to places where the office staff has whispered about clients or rolled their eyes... Not here. They get them back as soon as they can and sit and calm down the owners and go through what they recommend. I highly recommend them!!!!"

Amanda Lynn Carpentier

October 14, 2015, Facebook :  Angel Mays


Top Pics:  My regular vet diagnosed it as "RINGWORM" a year ago. Been on oral steroids, medicated antifungal shampoo baths, topical cream. Nothing was working, for a year of ongoing issues. Took him in every 3 weeks for nail trims and vet seen him every time and said keep giving the same meds. Bottom pic: a different vet (Privileged Critters) diagnosed it as a bacterial infection rather than a fungal infection. Changed the meds and added Omega 3 along with an antibiotic with the antifungal. **Note - this is only TWO weeks on the meds! Thank you guys so much for FINALLY helping my poor GadgetMann!   I'll be calling within a few days to make the followup appointment :)



Our first trip was this week! Wonderful staff and Dakota made her presence known! EEK!!! I encourage others to call Privileged Critters for their needs!