Brief Overview - Vaccinations

Leptosporosis (Lepto) 1. Vaccinating helps keep dogs protected 2. Lepto can be prevented and is difficult to diagnose. 3. Lepto can be fatal (kills up to 1 in 5 clinically infected dogs. 4. Lepto can cause renal failure. 5. Dogs with any outdoor exposure are at risk for Lepto. Areas that are highly wet, swamps, ponds, lakes, even mud puddles can have Lepto present. 6. Lepto is nationwide. 7. Lepto can be a threat in any season. Even when Lepto was not suspected, patients in one study tested positive 25 % of the time. 8. Dogs can get Lepto at ANY age. 9. Dogs of any size or breed are at risk of contracting Lepto 10. At Privileged Critters, vaccinating for Lepto is part of our core suggested vaccines. It is included with our K-9 Annuals, Puppy Plans and Wellness Plans.