Puppy Plan Pricing

Affordable Puppy Plans

Our puppy plan is broken into four payments in order to make it easier to afford.  IF you do not complete the puppy plan, you will be charged for services rendered at REGULAR prices, not the discounted "package price" rate and this will be charged to your account.  You must leave a credit card & authorization on file giving permission to charge your account for these charges.  The appointments for boosters need to be at least 3 weeks and no longer than 4 weeks apart.

You will see the Veterinarian on your FIRST and LAST visit.  If you have a problem which needs attention in between those appointments, please call ahead so that we can schedule accordingly.  Additional exams which are not included will be given for $25.00 per exam.

If you wish to combine a spay/neuter with your puppy plan, we will accept payments.  We prefer to spay/neuter dogs after they have reached 5-6 months of age, which is generally before the females come in to heat or the males begin to "mark" everything or get aggressive.  We can give you a rough estimate of the total spay/neuter costs, depending upon the size of the dog.

Puppy Plan - 4 Visit Plan: $195.00 Payments $95/$50/$50/$0 (once every 3-4 weeks)  This is for an 8-10 week old puppy who has had NO vaccines or Veterinary care.

  • 2 Exams
  • 2 Office Visits
  • 2 Fecal checks/de-worming
  • 4 Combination DHPP and/or DHLPP
  • 1 Rabies
  • 1 Bordetella
  • 1 Trifexis or Advantage Multi for fleas, intestinal worms, Heartworm Prevention

Puppy Plan - 3 Visit Plan: $175.00 Payments: 95/$45/$45 (every 3-4 weeks).  This is for an older puppy who has had one set of vaccines, or one who has been purchased with a Health Certificate and first vaccines.

* 2 exams

* 1 office visit

* 2 fecal checks/de-worming

* 3 combination vaccines (as needed) of DHPP and/or DHLPP

* 1 Rabies

* 1 Trifexis or Advantage Multi for fleas, Intestinal worms, Heartworm Prevention

These prices are valid as of 4/10/19 and may be amended at any time.  (Once you accept a plan, the price will not change).  Add a microchip and on your last visit, you will get a $10.00 discount!  (Regularly $40.00 for $30.00)