Kitten Plan


This plan is designed for kittens from 8-12 weeks old with NO vaccine history.  Unless the kitten was purchased with a Health Certificate, it should be tested for  FIV/FELV (Aids and Leukemia). This test is included with our kitten plan.  Aids is an immune deficiency illness and is rampant in Polk County.  There is no treatment or cure and if positive, the Veterinarian will discuss the options you have for your pet.

Kitten Plan

Total cost of plan:  $195.00 is the full cost of the kitten plan.

Payments:  Three payments  $95.00-$50.00-$50,00 are spaced 3 weeks to a month apart and it includes the following:

  • 2) Exams by the Veterinarian
  •     FIV/FELV Test
  • 2) Fecal Checks
  • 2) Dewormings
  • 3) FVRCP Vaccines 
  • 2) Leukemia Vaccines
  • 1) Rabies Vaccine
  • 1) Revolution

This is the most economical way to get all vaccines, exams, testing that are needed for the first year unless your pet gets ill.  The exam also allows you to purchase certain products that are not "over-the-counter", such as Revolution, the best flea, heartworm prevention and intestinal wormer on the market for cats.  It also treats and prevents lice!  A single flea can produce 50 (FIFTY!!) eggs a day!  Stay ahead of the curve and prevent an infestation!

We can include a spay or neuter payment plan with a kitten plan, so that by the time the kitty is old enough to spay/neuter, it can all be paid for.  If something happens that you just CAN not make the payment, DON'T worry!  We can extend spay/neuter payments until it is paid prior to scheduling the surgery appointment.


Divide the spay cost into the kitten plan and have it completely paid for by the time the ktty is old enough for a spay/neuter.  We prefer a minimum of 4 # and/or at least 5 months old.

 ADD $51.00 (+/-) for a spay (female) to each payment 

ADD $42.50  (+/-)  for a neuter (male) to each payment  

The payments  will include all the following:

  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork * (see below)
  • Pre-surgical exam
  • Spay (or neuter)
  • IV Catheter (for safety)
  • Onsior pain medication for 3 days 

*Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is a choice, but is highly recommended for the safety of your pet. Bloodwork tells us if the kitten is healthy enough for surgery.  It tests the liver and kidneys, which filter anesthesia.  Included in the Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is:

Complete Blood Count (CBC):  A CBC is the measure of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.  This test helps us identify problems, such as infection, anemia, low platelet count and bone marrow disease.

Chemistry panel:  The minor chemistry panel provides information of kidney and liver values, protein levels, and blood sugar.

These prices are valid as of  6/1/2016 and may be amended at any time.

(Once you begin a plan, the price will not change).