Canine Wellness Pricing

We are asked many times if we can take "payments", so we developed our Canine Wellness Plan monthly payment plan and is very popular!  It is broken into 12 automatic credit card payments.   The set-up fee of $45.00 will be collected with your first payment. As long as the plan is continued uninterrupted, then this is a one-time fee.  If the plan is discontinued and begun again, there will be a new set-up fee.  The plan is automatically renewed at the end of each year.  If there are any increases in price because of product pricing, you will be advised of such 30 days prior to renewal. The following services and products will be included in the plan.  

  • One yearly full Veterinary Exam with bath
  • One 6-month limited exam with bath, 
  • At 6-month exam, a Bloodwork panel.
  • Rabies (1 year or 3 year, if qualified)
  • (1) DHPP or (1)DHLPP * Vaccination (w/booster, if needed)
  • Bordetella Vaccination
  • Yearly Heartworm Test
  • 6 Nail Trims, as needed
  • Yearly Fecal Test & de-worming, if needed
  • (12) Monthly Flea, Heartworm, Intestinal Parasite Prevention** per your choice if approved through Veterinarian's recommendation for your dog's size/breed.  (Bravecto not included until month four).
  • Choose this option AFTER you complete a Puppy Plan (between 6-8 months of age).   


  • 01-20#:        $42.00/month plus one $45.00 enrollment fee
  • 21-40#:        $45.00/month plus one $45.00 enrollment fee
  • 41-120#:      $47.00/month plus one $45.00 enrollment fee
  • 120-150#:    $66.00/month plus one $45.00 enrollment fee

The FIRST payment consists of the enrollment fee ($45.00) plus the first and last month's payment.

  • The enrollment fee is a ONE-TIME fee as long as your plan is current and continues uninterrupted. Enrollment fee is non-refundable.
  •  If payment is attempted and the credit card refused, you will be charged a $10.00 late fee and service is discontinued until payment clears or payment is made in person.
  • Care Credit can NOT be used for payment. 
  • By signing up for the Wellness Plan, if you close your account prior to all payments being made, you agree for your account will be charged for the FULL price of all services and products received to that point minus what you have already paid into the plan.