Meet Our Team

Autumn - Our Office Greeter!     Autumn - our office greeter!

Rachel Bouton, DVM.  Graduate of Louisiana State University, 1999 with her dog Diesel

L-R:  Brenda with office mascot Ziggy, Michael and Dr. Rachel Bouton

The "Crew" at Privileged Critters a/o October 2015

Rear (L-R) Sasha Roman, Dr. Rachel Bouton, Taylor Joseph, Angelia McConnell

Front (L-R) Michael & Brenda Cross (Ziggy Cross), Michelle Beekman (daughter), Kaylie Wilks Varney, (Granddaughter), Brooklyn Wilks (Granddaughter), Cindy Albers w/Skeeter Albers

Cross Family/Employees -  2015

Michael & Brenda Cross with "Ziggy" (2015)

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